Monday, June 19, 2017

Week 29.5 in the field!!!

No, not week 30 - not yet. There’s still a day left! Bwahaha I know I’m evil for ruining the fun, but exactness is important, right??

LECCIÒN DE LA SEMANA: You want to see God in your life? Be an act-er. An act-er is someone who doesn’t stop at just EXPRESSING your ideas. An act-er moves swiftly from theory to reality and has an incredible potential to bless the lives of others. I would like to point out a few great act-ers of whom I’ve taken note:

  • Hna. Livi. Wow, this sister has no fear. She’s been rejected about three times by everybody on her street, but she PERSISTS in inviting them to Family Home Evenings to learn about the Gospel.
  • Elder Vega. I talked a little about him last week. He’s only been a member for a year-and-a-half, and here he is in the mission field. The man’s a tank - he extends invitations fearlessly and understands the scriptures better than many life-long members because he dedicates himself to study. 
  • My little brothers! Stoney, from what I’ve heard, is doing wonders at church and in his academic life. Oli is getting INVOLVED with cello and rugby teams and lots of other things, I’m sure! And Bertie, well... he’s really cute. :)

Sometimes it’s confusing to just GO without thinking too much, but if you’re doing good things and keeping the faith, God will be with you, and He will direct you towards the future He knows you can achieve. I see and feel it every day here in Cancùn. BE AN ACT-ER!!

  • I’M LEAVING THE CITY - today, the assistants called to let us know about the transfers. I’ll be going to Chetumal, which is on the border of Belize. I’ll be serving as a Zone Leader with Elder Sanchez! Super excited!!!
  • We helped the neighbor of our recent convert, Karolina, resolve some of her questions about the church. Apparently, her preacher had been telling everybody that the Mormons invite demons into their services.... Sound familiar? Yeah, I thought not. 
  • I got mad! It was amazing - I don’t think I’ve ever gotten mad before in the mission. But, then again, I’ve never encountered someone who tried to personally insult us on the basis of the Book of Mormon (which he had never opened). We ended the conversation quick, and E. Coello felt the same, so we said a prayer to calm ourselves. Prayer works, people!
  • We visited the ex-husband of Nely (Sergio), and he, too, accepted a baptismal date! He wants to leave behind alcohol (like many), but unlike many, he said he’s willing to go to church meetings, activities, read and study the Book of Mormon - all that’s left is the follow-through. The hard part. But I think he’ll do it.
  • We went to the doctor for E. Coello’s knee! He said it didn’t hurt that bad, but (feeling like my mom) I insisted that we go to the consult, because knee-problems are the NUMBER ONE reason that missionaries go home. They gave him a bunch of medicine and told him to go to a radiologist if things get worse.
  • Played basketball with the assistants, Elder Drew and Elder Carlson (...coincidence?). They’re both super tall, so they gave it to us baaaaaaad. But it was fun! :D
That’s all, folks!! You can expect a good letter next time, because there’s nine days between now and then. I love you all, and I thank you for your sincere correspondence. :) Remember: that good thing you thought about doing? JUST.....DO IT! (Shia Le Bouf)

Rayjan - A truly photo-worthy pre-schooler.
Amezcua Aguilar family - one of the friendliest (and most sarcastic) of our member families.
Hno. Williams. The great, the wonderful.
They said "POSE!", and the result was a perfect description of the relationship between Julian and I. Luna Miranda Family.

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