Monday, July 10, 2017

Week 31 in the field!!!

Hey goofuses!

Thanks for tuning in this week to the Elder Assistant-TO-the-zone-leader’s channel! (Think Dwight Schrute). This week has been a marvelous adventure, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Here we GOOOOOO.........

LECCIÒN DE LA SEMANA: There are ALWAYS chosen ones. Not just in Harry Potter. I was reading in the Book of Mormon this week, and I came upon Alma 13:24. You’ll have to read it in English, but I LOVE how it says that there are ANGELS preparing the hearts of the children of God in OUR land (area) and in OUR time (right now). What a promise!

Now, for the kicker: YOU GUYS are the angels! That’s right: you’re the ones winning the confidence and the hearts of non-members through your example, words, and service. We, the full-time missionaries, are here to harvest YOUR efforts and bring salvation to YOUR friends.

This scripture gave me a lot of energy this week as I arrived to Chetumal to fid the Area Book almost empty. We’re building from the ground up, here, but I KNOW that there are chosen ones here in this area!

  • I left Palmas. That was sad. I didn’t cry though - not even leaving my beloved son, Elder Coello. I think the mission is numbing me to change XD
  • We got to ride (and sleep) in a super fancy bus for six hours!! It honestly felt like an airplane ride in the first-class section. They put on worldly movies, and it was REALLY hard not to look. But from what I heard, they were cheesy, anyway.
  • I met Elder Sanchez! He’s from the Dominican Republic, and so far things have been great with him. We have the best house in Chetumal (says he), and we’re confident that the waters of baptism will be flowing here in our zone!
  • I GOT ROBBED! My first day! Imagine that! It wasn’t super-cool or intense or anything - there was just a drunk guy who took my watch and left (walking casually). I even gave him a hug. We were ten yards from the police station, so we reported the incident, and the police grabbed the guy quick. I have my watch now.
  • The first time we met our bishop, he told us he needed help pushing his car. And BOY, did he need help pushing a car! I think we must have gone a quarter mile. It was a great opportunity to soak ourselves in sweat and win the trust of my new ward leader.
  • We had a stake activity that was SUPER cool! There were games and music and stuff, but we (the missionaries) stuck together in our Book of Mormon give-away stand. :D
  • We gave talks in Sacrament Meeting! I went last, and my companions barely left me any time, but with my five minutes, I tried to act cute and professional to win the hearts (and referrals) of the Relief Society. I think it worked! There was a little old granny who tried to hug me. (Recent convert - no worries).

Anyway - that’ll be all with the time I have. I thank you all sincerely for your continued correspondence. I keep you guys in my prayers every day. Keep talking with your friends about the Gospel. Without you, we are nothing!


In the super-airplane-bus-thing!

New compa and new haircut - we gotta look the part.

Some members brought these over (semi-legally) from Belize.


... And his son, E. Tellez!

What a great activity it was!!! Happy first impressions of Chetumal Stake.

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