Friday, July 28, 2017

Week 34 in the field!!

Welcome to the Elder Show!!! 

This week was rather full of fluff - we had to do a lot of odd things that WEREN’T teaching lessons, but I love being a missionary anyways!

LECCIÒN DE LA SEMANA: Last week, we talked about changing faith to knowledge. This week, we’re taking our ideas and changing them into realities.

I discovered a piece of the "success" puzzle that I have been missing for quite some time. That is, the Human Factor. I was always a little tyke with lots of grand ideas (ask my momma), but I thought they were perfect and didn’t want anyone else to touch them. They normally stayed in my journals and notebooks. Hidden. This week, in my spare time one night, I drafted my "Ideal Ward Mission Plan", but, instead of keeping it locked away in the notebook, I decided to share it with my companion (partly because he insisted to see what I was doing). He thought it was cool, but had some suggestions, so we changed it. Then, he said, "let’s bring it to the Mission Leader!" We scheduled a meeting, and our Ward Mission Leader thought the revised plan was cool, BUT he had a few suggestions, so we drafted another. He told us, "let’s bring it to the bishop!" so we scheduled a meeting for Bishop Herrera to look it over. He liked the third draft, BUT (what do you think?) he suggested some edits.

After ALL those edits were completed, the bishop looked at us and said "... you know what? I think we should bring this to the Ward Council!" And it was done. After a few of their final pieces of feedback, we now have a Ward Mission Plan.

When we have an idea, the first thing we should do is OPEN THE MOUTH THING THAT’S ON OUR FACE! God has given each one of us unique insights, and with the help of other perspectives, we can take these insights and make a real difference in the world.

... Whew. I cede the soap box.


  • Elder Sanchez, while receiving a report from the Sister Missionaries, decided to practice a little English. In an attempt to say "One Moment, please!" he said "Want Woman, please!" I HEARD THE ASTONISHED CRY FROM THE PHONE ACROSS THE HOUSE! Death by laughter is real, folks.
  • We spent almost a whole day planning a Zone Conference and meeting with the Sister Trainers to revise said plan, but at the LAST MOMENT Hna. Reynoso called us to say the Conference was calcelled for an unforseen emergency..... mega sigh.
  • E. Chamberlain and his son stayed one night at our house during exchanges! It was super - E. Chamberlain and I had a great time remembering our good times in the CCM and talking about other mish stuff. Also, we bought a bucket of Oreo ice cream and ate all of it. The four of us.
  • Our baptism in Bacalar is postponed because the extended family from Hidalgo wants to come... sigh. Some of them better be investigators! XD
  • I bought a dragonfruit and ate it. Because... it’s just one of those little bucket-list things. SUPER YUM.
  • We went to church in Bacalar, and FOUR of our investigators came!! I was super happy - the leadership there is on point.

That’ll be it for now, friends :) I admire you all for staying so strong despite all the worldliness that surrounds you. You have the power to make a serious impact, as long as you’re "anxiously engaged in a good cause", embracing the Human Factor, and sharing your great ideas with the world!

Keep it real!

Elder Carson


From the patio. Chetumal is beautiful!

I may be a terrible photographer when rushed, but MAN I make good fruit-buying decisions in a pinch.

They made fun of me in the mission newspaper, (a) because they love me, and (b) because the Assistent, Elder CarLson, had a birthday.

This guy`s going home soon. This shot is of our last moments together. *sniffles*

I took a random photo of my companion, and it turned out to be the advertisement for his future photography business. (all rights reserved.)

Church in Bacalar - it`s a cute little town :D

Bacalar in the streets. Love it here!

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