Friday, July 28, 2017

Week 35 in the field!!!


It was a week of miracles! I’m so excited to tell y’all about it!

LECCIÓN DE LA SEMANA: We’ve got to go to God for our answers, folks. After sending the last email, my companion and I went to buy some groceries in the supermarket near our house. A priest came up to me and started talking at me in English. He said lots of things, comparing Mormonism to Islam and citing his extensive (YouTube) studies on the subject, including one video named "The Book of Mormon vs. the Bible". Sigh. I came about THIS close to giving Bible-bashing a whirl, but the Spirit told me not to. Instead, I told him that we can’t rely on the opinions of men to give us divine guidance. We have to go to the source. I gave him a Restoration pamphlet to read and invited him to pray about it. He thanked me and went away without another word.

The truth is, friends, Bible-bashing doesn’t work. It creates a contentious atmosphere, and both parties get lost in the complexity and interpretation of Biblical passages. By nature, apostate religions rely on concrete evidences, professional opinions, historical studies, and even voting to back up their claims, but the truth will always be the same: "if any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God."

  • We set a baptismal date with a teen named Santiago! He seems committed, but we’ll have to see if he follows through with his homework
  • We found a small family to teach! Initially, the mom rejected us, saying that she attends a different church, but we asked her, "would you like to know why we say our church is THE true church?" and she said, "well... sure!" So we sat down and taught her the Restoration. Turns out, she’s a former investigator of the sister missionaries. The Spirit hit us like an ocean wave as we recounted the story of Joseph Smith. She told us, "wow... I feel like this is a call to action from God, himself!" YESSSSSS!
  • That same day, we found another former investigator who’s missing a leg. His name is Carlos. He invited us in and we taught him the first lesson. He had a TON of questions, but we tried to be patient and explain everything well. At the end of it all, he looked at us and said, "well, then, when do I get baptized?" WHAT?? "Why, good sir, that is PRECISELY the question we were hoping you would ask!"
  • The assistants stayed two nights in our house! It was cool - they’ve grown a ton in spiritual power these last two years, and they helped several missionaries in our zone set baptismal dates. They talked a lot about home, which was rude ( XP ) haha but we enjoyed their company. They’re going home in a week.
  • Maleny called us to tell us the news: that she planned to get baptized on Sunday!! :D We yelped for joy and made hurried plans to go to Bacalar on Saturday and have her interview. As it turns out, due to complications in travel, President authorized me to give the interview to my own investigator (that’s weird), so I did! My first interview! :D
  • SHE GOT BAPTIZED, YO!! It was a great service, 8:30 am on Sunday. She got confirmed in Sacrament Meeting about ten minutes after the service ended. After her confirmation, she bore her testimony to the WHOLE CONGREGATION - sweet, simple, and doctrinal! I was so proud :D

That will be all for this week, my beloveds. Lots of great experiences here in Mexico - hope you all enjoy the next seven days in what everyone here calls "Trump-landia". :) Remember to search the scriptures and pray for guidance when you need answers that the world cannot provide.

Love you all,

Elder Carson



Again with the Bacalar sign. Super pretty place to wait for a taxi.

It´s our obsession, the dragon fruit. In the background is Santiago, the kid we´re teaching. He´s legit.

Elder Carson with Elder Carlson, the assistant. :D

Elder Drew, the assistent, with Elder Carson... hehe. And Elder Sanchez.

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