Monday, July 10, 2017

Week 33 in the field!!

Wow, the weeks are honestly flying!

LECCIÓN DE LA SEMANA: How do we move from a faint belief to a firm knowledge? Speaking in spiritual terms, Alma 32 is perfect for answering this question. Our first step, after realizing that the "seed" within us is good, thus forming a belief, is setting our sights on OBTAINING THE FRUITS of said seed. This is a process that requires patience, effort, and perseverance. Furthermore, we must focus ourselves on SPECIFIC GOALS and an AMBITIOUS VISION to maintain ourselves steadfast in times of trouble. Maybe you’ll be the best home-teacher in the ward. Maybe you’ll offer more service. Maybe you’ll go on a full-time mission. Whatever it is, you’ll FOCUS IN and watch for the fruits as the time passes. You’ll recognize some blessings, but you’ll begin to thirst for more.

It’s a process that lasts all your life. Then, as you look back and identify the fruits of the Gospel in your many years, you’ll realize that the seed you planted is now a full-grown tree rooted deep in your heart. Try as you might (hopefully not), the roots will be too strong to pull out - it’s no longer something you can deny. That’s knowledge.

  • We found a family of seven! The Dominguez family! The uncle who lives with them looks somewhat like Snoop Dogg. I honestly hope they progress so that you can see that baptismal photo.
  • We went to the conference in Cancún! It was super! President Reynoso chewed all the leaders out for permitting gossip in their zones. It’s honestly a problem! DON’T GOSSIP!
  • Monday night, when we arrived, we stayed in E. Melena’s house. It was like a family reunion! :D
  • A dude came to church with tribal feathers in his hair! I think he was high on Marijuana, but we were happy to see him, anyways! Every time someone finished their testimony (first Sunday of the month) he pumped his fists and said HALELUJAH! He told me he was born in Egypt, but at a very young age, he was teleported to Texas, where he was raised speaking English (that part checks out!)
  • Best part - a young man told us afterwards that the dude is a locally-known artist. He even showed us photo-proof of the paintings.
  • We had a Family Home Evening with a certain Brother King who served here, in Chetumal, SIXTEEN YEARS AGO! It was awesome! Now he’s living in Arizona.
  • We had a bunch of activities in Bacalar this week, in which we confirmed that our investigator, MALENI, is gonna get baptized this Saturday!!! :D WOOHOO!!
  • Brother Wood showed up after THREE WEEKS as a returned missionary!!! He surprised us all in the Leadership Conference!! What a stud! My eyes about fell out when I saw the dude in shorts (oh, the whiteness!) He made us all mad showing us pictures of the beach.... haha.

There’s more to report, but simply not enough time to report it! But don’t worry - we’ll share tales around a stereotype fireplace when I get back. :) Much love for all of you - think hard this week about how you can transform your beliefs into FIRM TESTIMONIES!!

Elder Carson


Problems with the memory card!! Next week I’ll send photos! :D

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